August 17-24 Super Summer Sale!!!

by Kathy Lawrow

Dance for Joy! Tell your Friends! We want to clean house and make room for all our Fall finery. Incredible Deals, good vibes and happy people ! Get a coupon for 10% of your sale purchase to spend on 8/23-8/24! Bring home a bag of goodies and clean out your closet to make room for them while you tag for the September Recycle Sale 9/28-10/2.

Recycle Sale September 28-October 2

by Kathy Lawrow

Come and share the fun & fantastic deals! Larue's customers have cleaned out their closets and for 5 days it's here & priced to sell! There will be 12 or more racks of tremendous treasures looking for new homes. Clothing, shoes, and accessories are here for your shopping pleasure! Unclutter your closets and get ready for Fall!

To Participate Pick up tags and instructions. Then drop off your items between 9/18-26

1-On a sheet of paper, write your name, phone number, and an identifying mark (your initials, a symbol or code) that will appear on each of your price tags

2-On the tags put your identifying mark, an item number, a description (dress, purse, etc.), and a price.

3-Copy the information from your price tags to your sheet of paper so we have an itemized, corresponding list of your contribution.

4-When you bring your items to Larue’s, each item must be securely attached to a tag and on a hanger! Untagged, or unpriced items will not be put out for sale. We are not responsible for unsold items and all unsold items are donated to Sabathani

5-Store credit issued for 80% of sales redeemable for full priced Larue's merchandise and valid through 11/12