March 15-19 Recycle Sale!

by Kathy Lawrow

Come and shop fabulous deals from fellow fashionistas! Clothing mostly but who knows? It gets better every time! Fun and OMG guaranteed for all ! Unsold items donated to Charity

Unclutter your closets and get ready for Spring
Pick up tags and instructions. Then drop off your items between 3/1-13

1-On a sheet of paper, write your name, phone number, and an identifying mark (your initials, a symbol or code) that will appear on each of your price tags

2-On the tags put your identifying mark, an item number, a description (dress, purse, etc. and a price.

3-Copy the information from your price tags to your sheet of paper so we have an itemized, corresponding list of your contribution.

4-When you bring your items to Larue’s, each item must be securely attached to a tag and on a hanger! Untagged, or unpriced items will not be put out for sale. We are not responsible for unsold items and all unsold items are donated to Sabathani

5-Store credit issued for 75% of sales redeemable for full priced Larue's merchandise and valid until 5/1/18